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Spare parts for diesel engine fuel systems

50,000 km mileage guarantee*

* according to the terms of the guarantee

Welcome to CARLAND

CARLAND is a European brand of spare parts for diesel fuel systems, combining European quality and reasonable price. The company was founded in 2018 in the Czech Republic. All factories where spare parts are produced meet the most stringent requirements of European quality standards.

The entire path of products, from the purchase of raw materials to delivery to the consumer, is under the control of the head office in Prague.

It is there that the general and engineering management of production is carried out, as well as the development and updating of product catalogs.

Our production


Control valves


European spare parts at reasonable prices

Recommended retail price for injectors - from 20 €

See for yourself the availability of our products!

European brand on your shelves

Timely logistics
Warranty program
Corporate events
A large assortment
Dealer Support Service
Lending opportunity

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We help to sell

Instructions and catalogs

We provide our product catalog for the selection of spare parts for different brands of cars.

Marketing support

We provide dealers with pos-materials and branded showcases.

Employee training

We conduct online and offline sessions, where we teach your employees how to make sales even better.

Personal Area

We give access to the accounting system, where you can independently form your order and track its status.

We will rid you of the surplus

You can return a product that you could not sell or you bought in too many quantities.

Spare part on request

We will develop and manufacture spare parts for your customers' requests.

CARLAND head office

Address: K Boleslavce 400, Premysleni, Zdiby, 25066, CZECHIA, Europe

+420 228 880 202

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Spare parts for diesel engine fuel systems

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